The 90’s was a notable period for the music industry. Different types of music were introduced during that decade. Some famous pop stars and bands were born making millions of fans around the globe. Here are some links that will tell about how music was in the 90s.

History of 90’s rock music


The 90s were the era of rock and roll music. This blog will take you through the journey of music in the 90s. It started off with metal, then hard rock. You will learn about the famous bands and singers back then, important events that took place in the music industry, etc.

Metal Injection


This site is for those who love heavy metal. Heavy metal was introduced int the 90s and since then it has been part of the music industry. This site contains news, albums, singers, tours and events related to heavy metal music.

Guitar World


Guitar was an important part of the 90s music. This blog will tell you everything about guitar. The latest news from the world of guitar, top guitarists, latest gears, etc. will be covered here. You can view a number of useful guitar lessons. You will see how famous guitarists play their guitar. There are product reviews, interviews of important people in the industry, and many more. You can buy guitars and accessories from this site as well.

These links will help you learn more about various aspects of music. It will enhance your knowledge and understanding of music and make you an informed buyer of music gears.