2742308944_6fa610a1d7_zThe music industry entered a new phase in the 1990s. A number of musical tastes and styles were introduced during this time. Pop, rap, electronic, punk, etc. became popular. Some female musicians made huge impact in the music industry in the 90s. This era stretched the limits of music.

The music from 90s had a powerful influence on the modern musical trends. Bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana changed the trend of music back then. They introduced heavy metal and expressive lyrics. Listeners started paying attention to lyrics which had strong messages.The hip hop style and ‘gansta rap’ style was introduced in the 90s. Female singers like Britney Spears rocked the Billboard screens. These singers still hold a commendable position today in the music industry.

I was part of that exciting period of music. I’ve seen closely the change that took place in the music industry during that time. Nirvana was my idol back then. I’ve learned many new techniques of playing guitar from the great musicians of that time. This blog is to share my experience of 90s’ music. You will get to know about the famous bands, singers, albums, etc. of the 90s. There are some useful resources for you to know more about the 90s music.

Hope you will enjoy reading!